GVB eyes ‘Hafa Price’ tourism incentive campaign


The Guam Visitors Bureau is planning to launch a tourism incentive program called “Hafa Price.”

This planned incentive program will focus on generating travel demand in GVB’s source markets and target the travel industry’s marketing and distribution structure.

“This addresses the heightened competition with other destinations post-COVID and provides customer benefits to enhance sales conversion,” GVB vice president Gerry Perez said during today’s Reopening Task Force meeting.

Among the specific targets of the program are the strategic stakeholders in the buy-supply value chain. These are the frontline sales employees and consumers at the source markets where, as Perez described it, “the rubber hits the road” in terms of Guam travel sales.

As an example, frontline salespersons in Japan or Korea can win roundtrips to Guam if they sell or book 10 people to travel to Guam.

There’s also a hotel component in the program. Under “Hafa Night,” those who book a hotel stay either directly or through a travel agent can enjoy “Hafa Price” per night with GVB subsidizing the total room cost up to $200.

In addition, there’s the “Hafa Dollars” for consumers that involve the purchase of “Hafa Dollars” vouchers at half price but with consumers receiving the full purchasing value.

These vouchers will be sold at $150 increments ($300 full value) and will double the purchasing power of visitors aimed at local spending.

Perez said the plan that he presented, including the figures, is just “conceptual” and the members of the task force still have to work on the operational details of the plan.

(This story will be updated)