GVB : From 1.4 million tourists, Guam can expect only about 250,000 next year

The downgrade of Guam's travel risk bodes well for the reopening of Guam tourism in general and the plan to kick off vaccination tourism. (PNC file photo)

From about 1.4 million tourists before COVID-19 hit the island, the Guam Visitors Bureau is projecting only about 250,000 next fiscal year.

This projection was made yesterday by GVB Vice President Gerry Perez during GVB’s board meeting.

Japan — one of Guam’s major tourist market pre-coronavirus — will drop down to around 70,000 arrivals from a high of around 529,000 before the virus.

Meanwhile, Perez says the Korean market is projected to drop to 116,000 from its high of 547,000.

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“You can see that for 2021, for the fiscal year, we are going to be pushing between 250 and 300 thousand visitors…that takes us back many years,” Perez said.

He added: “The best assumption is that arrivals will continue to reflect market seasonality, particularly in Japan —through March and August…Korea probably not as …as Japan, but nevertheless they have their ups and downs….till January and February.”

Because of the drastic drop in tourism, Perez said the Tourist Attraction Fund for fiscal year 2021 is only expected to have from $8.9 million to $11.5 million. Perez also said GVB will work to protect the fund from use for non-tourism purposes.