GVB invites Japanese social media influencers to Guam


The Guam Visitors Bureau is promoting Guam by inviting 109 Japanese influencers to the island. The influencers will share their experience in Guam through Tiktok and Instagram to their collective of 41 million followers. They will be on the island from Nov. today until the 29th. The anticipated exposure is 300 million across social media. Some of the influencers include Buzz Magician Shin with over 10M followers and kaho7911 with over 2M followers.

In addition to GVB inviting Japanese influencers, programs were reestablished to build Guam-Japan relations.

From Nov. 19-22, President & CEO Carl Gutierrez along with Guam delegates attended the Kashiwa Festival. The event was to promote international exchange with students from around the globe. This is the first time the street festival has made its return since the pandemic. Members of the Mayors Council of Guam also visited Kashiwa City and attended the festival, with the goal to restart homestay programs.

Mayor of Mongmong-Toto-Maite Rudy Paco said, “This short trip was a memorable time to see our culture performed by another ethnic group. Their performance was a prime example of how authenticating our CHamoru-centric image to our neighboring regions can strengthen our tourism. I am so proud of GVB for using our island’s natural beauty, culture, and people to entice visitors which is what I truly love about our island. Biba GVB and the team of Japan!”

Stay tuned as PNC checks out the Agana Heights Fiesta this Sunday to see the sights as well as to get to know a few of these social media stars!

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