GVB Kicks Off First Annual Valley of Latte Adventure Park Festival


They also celebrated their 600th Hafa Adai pledge and Mes Chamoru.

Guam – Petting a baby wild pig, walking through an ancient latte site, going on a river cruise, and watching a performance of cultural dance group Pa’a Taotao Tano.


That’s how the Guam Visitors Bureau celebrated their 600th Hafa Adai Pledge.

GVB General Manager Nate Denight says, “I can’t think of a better location to have our 600th Hafa Adai pledge signing than right here at the Valley of the Latte. I couldn’t have chosen a better location.”

The Hafa Adai Pledge program is the cornerstone of GVB’s local community branding campaign to promote our island’s culture to visitors. Denight says it’s more than just greeting visitors with “Hafa Adai”. “It starts as something as simple as saying ‘Hafa Adai’ but then it goes deeper into incorporating our very unique Chamorro culture into every part of our daily routine and now you can see with us hosting FestPac this year and our launch with our new museum, our culture is really a key part of what Guam is all about, our destination,” says Denight.

Here are how a couple of businesses and organizations plan to promote our culture through their work.

Project Inspire Director Niel Romero explains, “For us, we feel we’re artists that want to promote the Hafa Adai spirit through the arts and production, through song, dance, in any way we feel that we can, we want to offer Guam in that way because Guam has so much to offer.”

Marquin Karetan Karabao Owner John Raymond Aguon says, “We have business in PIC, Chamorro Village, and schools. Everywhere we go, we promote the culture by saying Buenas and Hafa Adai!”

And to continue the celebration of Chamorro Month, we went on a tour of Valley of Latte Adventure Park, one of Guam’s most popular eco-friendly destinations.
Inarajan Mayor Doris Flores Lujan says, “As you all know, Inarajan is rich in history, where we continue to showcase our culture and language.”
Today, the Inarajan Mayor also announced the kick off to the annual Valley of the Latte River Festival
Lujan invites residents by saying,”On behalf of the community of Inarajan, we would like for you to join us from April 2 to 3 from 11 am to 5 pm, for the first Annual Festival of the Latte Park. Let’s invite all our friends, neighbors and families. There will be a lot of activities on those two days for everyone to enjoy themselves.”