GVB launches interactive dashboard for visitor data

GVB has launched an interactive dashboard, Storyboards, that provides access to data on visitor arrivals and regional source market breakdowns on its corporate website.

The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has officially launched an interactive dashboard to provide easier access to the important data and statistics collected on the tourism industry.

The dashboard, called Storyboards, is a new tool that will provide access to data on visitor arrivals and regional source market breakdowns more efficiently. The GVB dashboard data is directly taken from the Guam customs declaration forms that must be submitted upon entering Guam, providing the most accurate count of all arrivals into the island.

“By publishing statistical information on an interactive dashboard on Guam’s tourism industry, businesses and local leaders can dissect key data metrics that can be used in their efforts and strategies to provide a better experience for our visitors,” said GVB President and CEO Pilar Laguaña.

This launch is another milestone in the bureau’s strategy to modernize the reporting and dissemination of its crucial visitor data and statistics. GVB’s research team is currently working on incorporating more sources of data on the visitor industry to include exit surveys, onsite consumer surveys and economic reports into the dashboard.

“Our goal is to have one main platform to house the multitude of data that we analyze for the industry. I want to thank my research team for their hard work and dedication in launching this new asset and look forward to sharing more information with our island community,” said GVB Director of Tourism Research Nico Fujikawa.

Fujikawa notes the Storyboards dashboard is the latest technological platform that will allow the industry to analyze valuable data on visitor trends while giving more insights on ways to improve the “Guam” product.

GVB invites industry professionals, government partners, students, GVB members, and stakeholders to take advantage of this new tool. Storyboards can be found on GVB’s corporate website at guamvisitorsbureau.com.