GVB: No cancellations due to Hagibis

GVB President & CEO Pilar Laguana said the bureau was "neither given the respect nor courtesy" of discussing this measure with the bill’s author.

Super typhoon Hagibis slammed into Japan over the weekend, leaving at least 31 people dead and 186 others injured, according to Japan’s Public Broadcaster NHK.

The storm pounded the Tokyo metropolitan area with gale-force winds and heavy rain, causing landslides, flooding and power outages.

About a dozen Guam-bound flights from Japan were canceled. However, Guam Visitors Bureau president and CEO Pilar Laguna said there have been no reported hotel reservation cancellations and flight service has returned to normal.

“We are in touch with our office in Japan and everything will resume back to normal,” Laguana said.

Laguana added that she has been in touch with the Japanese consulate here on Guam and GVB stands ready to provide whatever assistance it can for those impacted by the storm.