GVB projects only 251,437 tourists next year

(PNC file photo)

From about 1.4 million tourists before COVID-19 hit Guam, the Guam Visitors Bureau is projecting only about 251,437 visitors next year.

This projection was made yesterday by GVB vice president Gerry Perez.

Japan, Guam’s number one tourist market pre-coronavirus, will drop down to 70,779 from a high of 529,803 before the virus.

The Korean market is projected to drop to 116,446 from its high of 547,739.

And Taiwan, which has been a growing market for Guam, is only projected to grow to 6,553 from 49,109.

The fiscal year 2021 projections were made on the following assumptions:

  • That arrivals reflect market seasonality (peaks: Japan is March and August; Korea is July-August; Taiwan is January-February);


  • Taiwan air arrivals assume the introduction of EVA Air in December 2020; and

  • Seat capacity was reduced to 70 percent to adjust for social distancing measures.

Tourist Attraction Fund

Because of the drastic drop in tourism, Perez said the Tourist Attraction Fund for fiscal year 2021 is only expected to have from $8.9 million to $11.5 million.

Perez also said GVB will work to protect the TAF from use for non-tourism purposes.

“We have to ensure that the TAF is used mainly for its intended purpose, which is to enhance our tourism product,” Perez said.