GVB projects only 82,000 arrivals for this fiscal year

Guam's tourism industry continues to be in the doldrums. (PNC file photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau is projecting a dismal arrival figure for this fiscal year.

GVB vice president Gerry Perez told the bureau’s board on Thursday that GVB estimates only 82,000 visitor arrivals this fiscal year.

This is even a further decrease from the already downward adjusted figure of 200,000 arrivals forecast earlier.

“Unfortunately, in looking over our situation, our latest revision is about 82,000 pax for the current fiscal year. This is due to a prolonged impact from COVID restricted travel and quarantine protocols, as well as the issues we have with our Japan, Korea, and Taiwan source markets,” Perez said.

The GVB vice president did say that there is some optimism going into the third quarter and fourth quarter of this fiscal year

“We think we might be able to do 5 percent to 10 percent of our business pre-COVID by the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year. And we should try to see if we can sustain the momentum in recovery mode going into the next fiscal year. We anticipate 60 percent of arrivals by fiscal 2023. So, as you can see, unless something drastic happens, this is a slow crawl out from the bottom,” Perez said.