GVB Says Tourism Market is Up

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Earlier today the Guam Visitors Bureau held their General Membership Forum where a variety of topics were discussed, with one being tourism recovery.

GVB says that the September tourism statistics improved with a 479.4% increase and results are up in all markets.

Here is a breakdown of the different markets.

Gerry Perez, Vice President of the Guam Visitors Bureau said, “As you have started to see, we are improving our arrivals. It’s nowhere near the scale before COVID, but as you can see, we’re making good progress.”

Perez also says that the Korean market has seen good progress before the Omicron variant, with a 5,974% increase in arrivals.

He further added, “Since last year, in the summertime and going into the fall, we had a lot of optimism in terms of the turnaround because of improved vaccination rates in our source markets and we made a lot of good progress in the Korean market late last summer and early fall.”

The Japanese market, which no longer requires PCR testing and will soon abolish the 50,000 daily entry cap in October is seeing some challenges.

Perez added, “We’re still having challenges in Japan as some of you already appreciate. There are still cumbersome travel protocols required and the higher fares and weaker yen rate is also starting to dampen enthusiasm for travel, however, we still believe that the pent-up demand will overcome some of these challenges and we’ll start seeing more Japanese arrivals.”

As for Taiwan, the numbers show that it is still struggling, but GVB is continuing to strengthen its relationship with them through the Taoyuan Sister City Agreement and the Taichung Sister City Agreement.

Perez said, “Because we’re still waiting for air service to resume and relax border controls.”

The Philippine market is seeing a 165.4% increase in arrivals in comparison to FY 2021 along with $60,000 in media exposure.

To learn more, visit the Guam Visitors Bureau website at guamvisitorsbureau.com.

Reach reporter Jannette Samson: jannette@spbguam.com


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