GVB sends official notice that Guam is lifting quarantine restrictions for tourists

Guam Visitors Bureau (PNC file photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau is sending out official notices to its tourism partners in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan notifying them that Guam is lifting quarantine restrictions on July 1.

This morning, at a news conference announcing an island cleanup effort to prepare for the return of tourists from those three Asian countries, GVB board chairman Sonny Ada said lifting the quarantine is a sign that Guam is ready to welcome them back.

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“That announcement is refined and it’s being reported today to our travel partners in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. As far as any reaction, we do not have it yet. But it’s very specific. It will be very clear that there will not be required quarantine upon arrival to Guam. That is a big goal, a signal that we’re ready,” Ada said.

The wheels are already turning, said Ada, in preparation for welcoming the return of tourists. Airlines are planning to resume flights, tour agents are starting to package tours to Guam and hotels are getting ready for arrivals.

But Ada cautioned there won’t be a rush of visitors on the first of the month.

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“July 1 is our opening date. And from the initial response, already we’ll probably be seeing tourists’ actual arrivals in late July and maybe into August because it takes time,” Ada said.

Ada also said that quarantine restrictions are still in place for all three countries for returning travelers and it will be up to those countries to lift those restrictions.