GVB Taps Into Japanese Tourist Market


The Guam Visitors Bureau expects the Japanese tourist market to be operational by May this year.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story…

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With the global crises of the pandemic situation seeming to start lightening up all around the world, tourism markets look too promising futures of being fully operational. For Guam tourism plays a huge role in the economy of Guam because we are seen as a tourist destination.

According to the most recent Guam visitors bureau’s annual report 2020, the Japanese market in the last few years has provided the 2nd highest number of tourists. Furthermore, the pandemic has decreased the arrivals by approximately 51.2 percent.

According to the market demographic research conducted by GVB most of the Japanese market consists of females, the average age of visitors is 32 years. A majority of the time, says GVB, Japanese tourists tend to travel in groups and pairs rather than alone. The research also states that the average Japanese tourist spends approximately 1400 dollars in an average of 3 days.

Including these numbers, the annual report provides factual evidence of the Japanese market’s importance in Guam’s economy.

In the recent year, GVB looked to use trending social media platforms to help create a new marketing campaign to attract a different audience of visitors. The social media platform helps create an environment and culture that fits perfectly for Gen Z travel behavior patterns.

According to Marc Truyols, an experienced business development professional in the travel industry, although with a more limited budget than millennials, gen Z travelers are more flexible and eager to visit exotic destinations with a travel average of 29 days per year.

GVB used a marketing campaign called #hereweguam contest to attract approximately 9 ambassadors out of a pool of 500 participants. They also partnered with hypebeast japan a worldwide brand that focuses on contemporary fashion, art, fashion, food, music, travel and streetwear culture.

According to Regina Nedlic, GVB Japanese marketing manager, they expect the Japanese market to be operational around may of this year, but GVB expects more traffic as covid and traveling restrictions begin to ease.