GVB Tries out “Changi Chamorro” At Japan Trade Fair


Guam – The Guam delegation and Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) tried out a new cultural program called “Changi Chamorro” at the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) World Travel Fair this past weekend.

“Chagi Chamorro” means “try” Chamorro. The program extends the Guam Branding Initiative to potential visitors through its launch at the event’s Guam booth. Maestro Ronald Laguaña led Chamorro Language classes on the Guam stage, where participants learned Chamorro words, phrases, and how to sing the Chamorro alphabet.

[(Above) Ronald Laguana, foreground left, leads Chamorro Language classes on the Guam stage on the second day of the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) World Travel Fair in Tokyo]

A new wave of consumers look to enjoy travel destinations that promote culture, art, and natural beauty, according to a 2010 AB Road Survey of frequent Japanese travelers

“For the past year, our Guam Brand Initiative has worked to strengthen our communities and unite them behind our culture so that when our visitors come, they’ll take with them an authentic Chamorro experience and not just memories of pristine beaches, shopping, and water activities,” said GVB General Manager Gerald S.A. Perez, who is currently in Tokyo with GVB Board Member Theresa Arriola and other Guam delegation members. “Chagi Chamorro and other programs we’ve instituted in Japan like the Chamorro Dance Academy lay the groundwork for them to learn about our culture and to serve as an encouragement for them to visit,” added Arriola.

According to Arriola, our more popular stations on the Guam stage was Robert Taitano’s interactive carving booth, where crowds watch the Master Carver create images such as a coconut tree and the Guam Seal.   

The ever popular San Ai Resort Wear Fashion Show on the Guam stage was a media sensation as well. Hundreds of media representatives took photos during the fashion show, showing the latest trends in Japanese resort wear.  

Chamorro craft school taught by weaver Arthur Pangelian, a Guam quiz show, and photo sessions with Miss Universe Guam Vanessa Torres and Miss Earth Guam Naiomie Santos, were also featured in the booth.