GVB: Vandalism, public intoxication getting out of hand in Guam beaches

People are again flocking to the island's public beaches. (PNC file photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau on Thursday warned that vandalism, public intoxication, and public misconduct is getting out of hand at the island’s public beaches.

GVB vice president Gerry Perez said there’s been more local use of the island’s public beaches not only during weekends but during weekdays as well.

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“Every weekend it’s just super crowded and vandalism and abusive behavior is getting out of hand,” Perez said during GVB’s board meeting Thursday.

A GVB staffer recalled an incident during which the occupants of a vehicle on a beach who were obviously inebriated got confrontational and even tried to urinate at the entrance to the beach park.

The Visitor Safety Officers were present and followed protocol and maintaining a safe distance, took down notes, and contacted law enforcement. The police, however, made no arrests.

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“I think that we need to communicate better with the police department in terms of taking action because things like that … they’re just going to intensify. I mean it’s good to see a lot of our local residents using our parks and beaches. But with that comes additional attention and responsibility. The park is already an alcohol-free zone and yet no arrests were made,” Perez said.

GVB board member Paul Shimizu added: “And we don’t even have visitors yet. Imagine the competition that they would have in the public beach parks.”

Perez said GVB plans to take up the matter with GPD’s leadership to work on ways by which better enforcement of rules and regulations in the island’s public beaches can be achieved.