GVB welcomes 11 Korea Digital Ambassadors to boost market

The Guam Visitors Bureau held a welcome reception on May 11 for its newly selected Digital Ambassadors from Korea at the Bayview Hotel in Tumon. Photo by PNC's Isaiah Aguon

There are 11 social media influencers from Korea on Guam, who all were selected to be the new Guam Visitors Bureau digital ambassadors for Korea. 

At the Bayview Hotel in Tumon, Gerald Perez, the vice president for GVB, gave his opening remarks during the welcome reception on May 11. 

“As we embark on yet another phase in our Koren market activities,” said Perez. “Welcome to our local GVB supporters here this evening who are here to help us and we could not have made this visit possible without your support.”

Gerald Perez

The 11 digital ambassadors will be sharing their travel experiences on Guam on their social media pages to boost Guam’s Korea Market. 

“To our visitors, thank you for your interest in being our very first digital ambassadors in Korea and for taking the time to visit Guam and to experience a sense of place that is unique to our destination culture, character, and personality,” Perez said. “So, we look forward to the exciting and interesting content that you will share in Korea and play an important role in continuing to grow the number of visitors coming to Guam from Korea.”

While on island, the GVB digital ambassadors from Korea will experience activities like sports, travel and lifestyle, and the best part – food and beverages. 

“We invite you to learn about the various sports and adventurous attractions as well as our island lifestyle, history, and cultural heritage,” he said. “We invite you to experience the local food, entertainment, and pristine beaches that could embellish the digital content that could be shared with your friends, associates, and others through various social media channels.”

This comes as Guam’s economic driver, tourism, is improving.

“Your visit is timely as we begin to see recovery in our tourism industry and we begin to witness the reopening of attractions and other tourist facilities closed during the COVID pandemic,” Perez said. 

According to GVB statistics for March 2023 Monthly Arrivals Summary, there were more than 65,000 visitor arrivals. That is a 597.8% improvement.