GVB’s last Hafa Adai Pledge Ceremony for 2019

Four local businesses took the Håfa Adai Pledge on Dec. 30 at the last pledge event of the decade. From left: Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) Cultural Heritage Officer, Dee Hernandez; GVB Director of Tourism Research, Nico Fujikawa; FAScare Guam, LLC Founder, Nick Garrido; Learning CHamoru Online Founder, Gerhard Schwab; Reliance Testing Drug Facilitator, Manny Lujan; JTM Benchrest Co-owner, Tonya Babauta; GVB President & CEO, Pilar Laguaña; GVB Vice President, Bobby Alvarez; and GVB Finance Controller, Josie Villanueva. (Contributed photo)

As part of an effort to perpetuate the Chamorro culture, the Guam Visitors Bureau’s Hafa Adai Pledge has encouraged private businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to support the traditions of the island’s indigenous people.

Earlier today, five companies came together to sign and become a part of the last Hafa Adai Pledge Ceremony for 2019. The companies are FAScare, Blue Lagoon Mermaids, JTM Benchrest, Learning CHamoru Online, and Reliance Testing.

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Taking the pledge means that these companies would have to be involved in movements in the community to help perpetuate the Chamorro culture and build pride throughout the island.

Pilar Laguana, GVB President, said about 940 companies have already taken the Hafa Adai Pledge.

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“Can you believe that? That success has garnered over 43,000  participants under these companies who all love our home that we call Guam. So congratulations and welcome to our Hafa Adai Pledge program during our 10th anniversary and biba Guam!” Laguana said.

If you would like your company or organization to be a part of the Hafa Adai Pledge program, fill out the application form at guamvisitorsbureau.com