GW High Will Now House FestPac Delegates


GDOE says they’re about ready for the housing situation.

Guam – With the Festival of the Pacific Arts less than a month away, the Guam Department of Education is fully immersed in preparations. At the recent Guam Education Board meeting, a last-minute change was introduced.


GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says, “JFK is no longer among the eight schools that will be used for Fest Pac housing. We have now identified GW as the eighth school.”
According to FestPac Planning Committee Chairperson Nate Denight, the primary factor was cost. If they were to use JFK, which is a lease school, they’d have to pay $50-thousand for JFK’s maintenance staff and another $20-thousand to install additional showers. Even with the last minute change, as far as transitioning the schools to houses goes…”Our administrators at each of our eight schools have given me assurance that they are able to handle the transition of classrooms in the two days that we have between the students being released and the delegates arriving,” he answers. 
Fernandez says over 250 GDOE employees, administrators, and support staff will be assigned to shifts. He  explains the workload after students are released on May 17. “So once we cleared the classrooms, the custodial vendors will do a deep clean and make sure the classrooms are ready to receive people, and I understand on May 19, we expect the delivery of materials and supplies to support the delegates such as futons. Those will be situated and organized so it’ll be ready for those first delegates on the 20th,” he says. 
Fernandez explains that over 250 employees ,administrators and support staff that will be assigned to shifts. Fernandez also assures parents that graduation practices and commencement for Tiyan High and Southern High, who both will be holding their ceremonies in their campuses, should not be a problem. 
He says, “Graduation is going to be fine. After hearing concerns, the Festpac committee worked closely with us. Although we’re requiring close campuses and credentialing to access, at the end of the day, no one wants to burden our students and their families especially for graduation.”