GWA: A 2% Decrease in Your Water Bill Takes Effect With July Billing


Guam – The Guam Waterworks Authority has announced that effective at the start of this month, July 1st, there will be a 2% reduction in all customers monthly water bill. 

“This is due to the fact that we recently paid off the remainder of the Navy water surcharge which we had been collecting and paying off since 2003”, said Martin Roush General Manager of  GWA.

“We are happy  we can pass on this reduction to our customers”.  He went on to say. “In March of 2011 GWA was also able to pay off the amount owed to GPA for power bills dating back several years. This was approximately $15Million dollars which we also have been collecting and paying down since 2001” Roush added.

Background information on GPA power bill owed by GWA:   In 2001 the PUC ordered a 11.5% regulatory surcharge for all water meters read after October 2001. 

This allowed GWA to begin to pay down its obligation to GPA.  In March of 2011 GWA completed its final payment to GPA.  

Background information on Navy water bill owed by GWA:  In 2003 GWA  was ordered to begin paying back the $9million dollars it owed to the Navy. This was for water purchases to supply the villages of Santa Rita, Agat and at the time Piti  with water (we no longer purchase navy water for Piti). 

GWA was  authorized to assess a surcharge for repayment of this obligation.  We finished paying the remainder of this obligation in June of 2012.