VIDEO: GWA Asks Northern Residents To Flush Only When Necessary Through Noon Thursday


Guam – The Guam Waterworks authority is asking northern residents to conserve water and flush only when necessary because the Southern Link Lift Station [which is located in the northern part of the island] in the Two Lovers Point area will be shut down while a broken sewer main is being repaired.

The lift station is being shut down while repairs are underway to a 36 inch force sewer main is repaired. It was shut down at 7 pm Wednesday and will remain shutdown through 12 noon on Thursday.

“We’re gonna replace what we consider an elbow part of the line which is a major part of the waste water line that goes to the northern waste water treatment plant,” said GWA Spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf.

She says this is a major repair that has taken a lot of coordination. Their goal is to keep water and waste water services on during the repair. To do this they are diverting the sewage to the Hagatna waste water treatment plant. There is however still the threat of a sewage spill. This is why GWA is asking residents in Harmon, Dededo and Yigo to avoid flushing their toilets from 7pm tonight until noon tomorrow. “This starts tonight again there won’t be any interruption to service but we’re asking the community as much as possible not to flush the toilets and to use water only for the most urgent issues,” explained Ballendorf.

 If northern residents are not able to refrain from flushing or using water it could lead to a major sewage spill. “If we have a spill it will not be for instance along marine drive or in the village it’s gonna be really in the jungle that’s where the spill will occur but we are working very hard to ensure there is no spill and of course we’re working with the U.S. EPA our partners in this effort and we hope this all goes off very minorly and tomorrow will just be another beautiful Thursday here on Guam,” said Ballendorf.

 She adds that GWA is aware that they are asking a lot from residents and they are prepared for the worst. If residents don’t conserve water and continue to flush toilets and it results in a sewage spill, GWA is prepared to shut off water to Harmon, Dededo and Yigo.