GWA assures drinking water safe

GWA general manager Miguel Bordallo (PNC file photo)

As questions continue to be raised about the presence of PFAs in our water system … is it possible that the toxic contaminant can be found in your kitchen sink?

During the special session Wednesday discussing the governor’s Prutehi I Hanom Act, which is now law, Guam Waterworks Authority General Manager Miguel Bordallo said that although NAS 1, which is one of the wells that were found to have contained PFAS, is operational, the water in that system is thoroughly treated before it comes into contact with consumers.

“The treatment systems that we are operating are effectively removing it from the raw water before they are placed in the distribution system for consumption,” Bordallo said.

However, although the water from NAS 1 is drinkable once it reaches distribution, Senator Telo Taitague brought up the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent yearly to keep the contaminant out of the island’s pipes.

“Where does that money come from, the money that’s been expended so far? So the ratepayers would have to pay for it?” the senator asked.

Taitague further stressed the need for Guam to join the multi-litigation effort to stop financially burdening the people of Guam any further. The bill was signed into law Wednesday night by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero after being passed unanimously by lawmakers.