GWA Audit Finds Increased Operating Expenses Offset by Increased Revenues


Guam – Water losses and faulty meters continue to be problems for the Guam Waterworks Authority but at least revenues are now outpacing increases in operating expenses. Those are among the findings in the latest audit released today [Wednesday] by the Office of Public Accountability.

Read the Audit Highlights          

According to the audit Highlights, there was a slight increase in expenses of 5%, but operating revenues increased by 18%.

The audit cites the first of  five 8% rate increases as well as the new system development charge for the increased revenues.

However, the audit notes that one of the most challenging problems facing GWA “is the amount of water that is unaccounted for.”  The auditors note that “leakages result in higher operating costs and higher energy bills.”

The audit was also critical of GWA for its troubled meter program. Although GWA has implemented a number of programs to address the faulty meter problem, the auditors concluded that “the problems with the meters are not being detected in a timely manner to allow GWA to bill the customer for all of the lost revenue.”