GWA to ‘Backbill’ 22 Customer Accounts


GWA has monthly reports called ‘low to no read reports’ that identify low reading meters. Out of the 7,000 meters reviewed, 99 percent were determined to be functioning correctly.

Guam – After initial reports that GWA back billed 113 customers, a final study shows that GWA is actually only back billing 22 customers.


Out of the 7,000 meters reviewed, GWA ultimately identified 22 malfunctioning meters, leading to only 22 back billed accounts and not 113, as initially reported. The misstep forced GWA to reimburse the remaining 91 accounts. The 7,000 water meters that were reviewed were replaced by GWA and updated with new meters. At a GWA work session today, CCU commissioners talked about ways to better inform the public about back billing procedures, ultimately suggesting that GWA General Manager Miguel Bordallo write an op-ed explaining GWA’s position on back billing. This comes after complaints about GWA’s back billing procedure. CCU Commissioner George Bamba asked GWA management whether they have the ability to monitor meters that may not be working properly which could avoid back billing customers.


“The red flags are there, there should be red flags. Obviously if the meter is under registering, whats the action?  We know there is a problem, an issue, is there a process that you guys use to police,” said Bamba.