GWA Blames Water Outages On Power Fluctuations, Service to Some Areas to be Restored Tonight


Guam – The Guam Waterworks Authority is blaming last week’s thunderstorm for on-going interruptions to service throughout the island.  But residents of Anas Court in Yigo claim they’ve been without service for nearly two weeks with little response from GWA.

The eight-home subdivision was built in 2008 and the residents say they’ve had low water pressure on and off since they moved in but this is the first time they’ve gone without water for so long.

No watertanker was placed at the subdivision as of this morning but Guam Waterworks Authority Spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf told PNC that a water tanker was being placed this afternoon. She also expected water service to be fully restored by midnight.

Ballendorf says she didn’t learn about the Anas Court water outage until today but noted that GWA has been busy correcting a number of outages throughout the island that she says were caused by last weeks electric storm.

“15 of our largest wells in Northern Guam went out and our biggest wells that some of them pump up to 600 to 800 gallons a minute we have on-backup generators, so even the back up generator source was blown out” Ballendorf explained “So thats why as people recall Adacao Elementary School was sent home, for low water pressure.”

While water service was restored to areas immediately affected by the storm, Ballendorf says power fluctuations are still affecting GWA’s wells so GWA plans to go back to running the generators until the power fluctuations stop.

“I will give us a very poor grade for communication, I myself did not know any of this until yesterday,” Ballendorf told PNC. “No excuse I’m here to apologize we should have informed the public.”

Ballendorf asks residents that don’t have their water restored by tomorrow to email her, her email address is