GWA Confident Generators Will Hold If Storm Hits


GWA says they have added resources to help make sure their generators work should another storm come to Guam. 


Guam residents remember all too well the water outages that plagued the island during typhoon dolphin. With the threat of another major storm looming, GWA says they are confident that residents will not run out of water this time around.

 During Guam’s last major storm, typhoon dolphin, GWA faced criticism over the failing of backup generators attached to water wells. Guam water authority spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf says that she is confident about the current situation of the generators. Ballendorf says that a key factor to limiting water outages in the event of another storm is the fact that GWA has been filling up Guam’s reservoirs. Ballendorf says that since typhoon dolphin, GWA has made tremendous strides in preventing future water outages. As to why she feels confident about the impending storm, she points to the filling of the reservoirs and the improvements made to the generators. Ballendorf says that as of now there are about 85 generators on standby. She says that if Guam moves into COR 2, the GWA General Manager will decide whether or not they will turn on the water well generators.


 Ballendorf points out that there are areas on Guam with chronic water issues such as Mt. Santa Rosa, Chalan Palauan, both in Yigo and she advises residents in those areas to take measures starting tomorrow in the event of a power outage.


In the aftermath of typhoon dolphin many residents lost power due to some of GWA’s backup generators failing when the island’s power went out.