GWA Crews Working 7 Days a Week to Meet Mandate to Install New Water Meters by Mid-June


Guam – The Guam Waterworks Authority is putting all the manpower it can afford toward the installation of meters, as part of a court order to come into compliance with the US EPA’s Clean Water Act.

Under the court order, GWA has until the middle of June to install the remaining 1,700 new water meters. 1,300 of those are for residential consumers.

To meet the mandate, GWA Spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf  says GWA will be making installations seven days a week for the next 40 days.

Ballendorf advises customers to be aware that their water will be shut off for up to an hour while the installation is taking place. She also notes that because so many resources are going toward the meter installation, it might take GWA more time to get to other tasks, such as reconnecting services, after a late payment is made.

Upgrades to the Southern Waste Water Treatment Plant and the ongoing installations of new tanks throughout the island are also part of the court order to bring GWA into compliance with the Clean Water Act.