GWA Experiences Numerous Breaks Over the Weekend; New GM Ready to Tackle Problems


Water Outages in Tumon Santa Rita and Inarajan Over Weekend

Guam – The Guam Waterworks Authority had some major breaks over the weekend that resulted in water outages in three different villages.


 Two breaks happened down in Tumon on Saturday one across from the Reef hotel and one down near the Sandcastle. This caused a water outage in some areas and some low water pressure in others from 8am until about 6pm on Saturday. There was also a main break down in Inarajan last night (Sun) which was fixed this morning (Mon). A booster pump problem caused a water outage to some houses along cross island road in Santa Rita yesterday (Sun) as well. GWA PIO Heidi Ballendorf tells PNC that their new general manager Mark Miller is ready to tackle these and other challenges of the agency. “All of these things make for a perfect storm of water issues which I’m happy to say that our new interim GM i just came from a meeting with him and he’s already really busy at work focusing on these issues and we hope in the next thirty to less than sixty days we’ll be having this interview down in Santa Rita where we start to fix some of these problems,” said Ballendorf.


 Ballendorf says that GWA will soon spend $700 thousand dollars on repairing some of the old lines in Santa Rita that have been giving the agency problems. The replacement of these lines should be done before the end of this year.