GWA General Manager defends raises for employees


The CCU recently approved raises for gwa employees.

GWA General Manager Miguel Bordallo told Patti Arroyo on Newstalk K57 today (Fri.) that these raises were necessary to recruit and retain employees. He also says this is a part of their long-term plan to compete with the market that is becoming more competitive. Bordallo says that GWA used to be at the bottom of the market in terms of employee salaries.

“95 percent of the utilities pay more than we pay for equivalent positions. We’re at the bottom of the scale and we’ve asked our employees that we’ve had to get certified and a lot of them have not just gotten certified they’ve gotten one certification studied and then advanced to the next level of certification,” said Bordallo.

The GWA General Manager says that these raises will get GWA to the 10th percentile which means only 90 percent of the utilities in the nation will pay higher wages than GWA.