GWA Leak Repair Initiative: 300 Leaks Fixed, Money and Water Saved


Guam – Throughout the month of March the Guam Waterworks Authority and its contractor, Giant Construction, have been working to repair broken water mains island-wide.


GWA signed the $500,000 leak repair contract with Giant at the end of February.

Since the program began last month, 300 leaks have been repaired, 2 million gallons of water has been saved which translates into a $4,000 dollar a day savings.

The Senior Engineer Supervisor for GWA’s water leak detection and  repair  project is Menglou Wang.

Wang is quoted in a release as saying that “For the past month both GWA crews and the contractor have crisscrossed Guam completing over 300 leaks, some of which have been leaking for many months,” adding that “we estimate that the leak repair efforts in the past month have saved GWA over 2 million gallons of water and over $4,000 dollars each day.”

And Public Affairs Director Heidi Ballendorf states “We know everyone in the community including our own GWA employees have been anxious to start our leak repair contract. This is major progress in our war against unaccounted for water loss.”

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