GWA Nearing Completion of Line Replacement for Agat and Santa Rita


The Guam Waterworks Authority is in phase 3 of its line replacement project.

Guam – GWA is nearing completion of phase three of a $380,000 project to replace water lines in Agat and Santa Rita.


The water line replacement project is an effort, by GWA, to replace faulty or leaking lines in Agat and Santa Rita. The project is part of GWA’s capital improvement program. On a larger scale, GWA crews will begin work on phase four of the project, which will cost nearly $8 million. The repairs come after a series of water outages in Santa Rita and Agat earlier this year brought on by GWA’s decision to reduce dependency on the navy for water. But when GWA started to use the original lines, they began to break down, causing residents on Santa Rita and Agat to have low to no water pressure.


“These are all part of the issues we’re having down south in Agat and Santa Rita, Where we want to replace some of the leakying, old lines,” said Heidi Ballendorf, Guam Waterworks Authority Spokesperson.


Phase four of the project will begin shortly.