GWA: New Meters Being Replaced, Again, Because of New Problem Caused by “Back Flow Preventers”


Guam – Yet another and new problem with GWA’s water meters. The new meters that have been installed to correct the faulty readings given by the old meters, are themselves faulty. The issue now is with the so-called back flow preventers.

GWA asked the manufacturer, Metron, to insert the “preventers” into the replacement meters that GWA started installing back in 2006.

But GWA Spokeswoman Heidi Ballendorf says its only been in the last 6-months that they discovered that the “preventers” are themselves part of the on going problem which has caused the replacement meters to show either no water usage, or incorrect water usage.

“What we’ve been doing since 2008 when we discovered major problems, is taking out back fill preventors and putting in brand new meters and transponders. What’s happened recently, in the past 6 months, is those new meters, that we have been putting in since 2008, are having problems.”

“So we’re replacing the new new meters, in a sense,” said Ballendorf.

It appears, said Ballendorf,  that the problem with the back flow preventers is a combination of clogging from the high mineral content in our water, as as well as the way they were installed.

The back flow preventors are supposed to stop possibly contaminated water from flowing back into your home. They are required for commercial accounts on Guam, but not residential ones.