GWA: No Upgrades, No Work Force Village


Guam -In a report to the District Court the Guam Waterworks Authority states that without upgrades to the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant [NWWTP] the Ukudu Work Force Village “can not be occupied.”

In addition GWA states that “any and all costs associated with new infrastructure to service the Younex compound will be the responsibility of the developer. GWA does not intend to finance any construction related to infrastructure improvements” for the Work Force Village.

Read GWA’s response to the U.S. EPA

GWA’s report was filed last Friday in response to questions posed by the U.S. EPA which sought answers in the wake of a “purported building permit” issued to Younex by DPW.

The Guam Attorney General has since stated that that “purported building permit” was merely a draft and the actual permit that was issued to Yonex on July 12th was simply a shell permit that did not authorize hookups to GWA’s water or sewer systems.

Vice-President Dave Tyndigco has already acknowledged that Younex will bear the costs for hooking up to GWA sewar and water lines and they are going through the process to get those permits.

The Ukudu Workforce Village is a key component of the buildup. It is expected to house over 15-thousand H2 workers who will build the buildup. The village is also expected to generate in excess of 1-million gallons of wasetwater a day. That is the U.S. EPA’s chief concern because that amount would overwhelm the already overwhelmed NWWTP which has been in violation of U.S. EPA discharge standards for years.

U.S. EPA is demanding that the NWWTP, which is next door to the Ukudu Village,  be upgraded to Secondary Treatment. GWA has previously estimated that the cost to do that could be in excess of $250 million.

The key questions are who will provide the money,  when will it be provided and how long will it take to complete the upgrades so that the Village can be occupied.

GWA has already said it would take years for the upgrades to be completed, and if the Workforce Village can not be occupied until the upgrades are completed, work on the buildup could  be stalled, unless another location is found to house the workers who are needed to make the buildup happen.