GWA rate increases will pay for new water lines

Guam's water lines are too old and there's too much leakage. (PNC file photo)

Some changes are in the pipeline for utilities on Guam.

Simon Sanchez, a commissioner with the Consolidated Commission on Utilities, spoke with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Wednesday morning about a work session the commission held Tuesday.

One of the items they discussed during the session is the schedule of rate increases for the Guam Waterworks Authority.

The rate increases are meant to pay for new water lines.

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The rate increases will be spread out over the next three years and the first increase will start in October.

Sanchez said the CCU will make a decision on the rate increases next Tuesday.

After that, it’ll be subject to approval by the Guam Public Utilities Commission.

Sanchez said that Guam’s water lines are too old and there’s too much leakage.

Although the rates will increase, Sanchez said that with new water lines, Guam’s ratepayers will benefit in the long run.

“We need to replace those water lines, and the money needs to come from someplace. It has to come from us ratepayers. But in the long term, new water lines save us water loss from the aquifer…and those benefits to ratepayers is critical. Especially protecting that aquifer. So that’s sort of the price of living in paradise and making sure you have safe, clean drinking water and you don’t threaten it in the future,” Sanchez said.