GWA responds to Asan water leak

For about a decade, clean, treated, drinking water has been running through the streets of Asan. (PNC photo by Jase Sarmiento)

On Nov. 13, PNC News reported how some residents in Asan have dealt with a significant leak for almost a decade. GWA has responded to the actual cause of the overflow and a solution that may come sooner than later.

As reported by PNC in November, for about a decade clean, treated, drinking water has been running through the streets of Asan causing a concern for village safety.

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According to an email sent by Guam Waterworks Authority to PNC, the Asan Springs facility has an overflow pipe to direct any natural spring water that exceeds the capacity of the tank into the DPW storm drain collection system.

When the DPW system is operating normally, the water flows through their stormwater pipes eventually making its way into drainage channels in the village of Asan.

GWA was contacted several years ago to assist DPW with a blockage in one segment of their piping downstream of the facility.

According to GWA, the problem arises when the excess spring water or any stormwater hits the blockage. This results in the water backing up in the pipe until it spills out from the nearest upstream field inlet at the street curb/gutter.

At the request of the Mayor’s office and the Governor’s office, GWA has dispatched field crews to relocate the blockage and it is now working with DPW to make long-needed repairs.

Crews should begin excavation and pipe replacement this week along with coordinating locations of other utilities in the work area, GWA stated.