GWA to repair ruptured road pipe Wednesday

Closeup of San Vitores roadway where asphalt was punctured, gashing into a Tumon water pipe.

What if someone punched a bunch of holes straight into the street?

Guam – A buried water pipe on Tumon’s main drag is still leaking tonight, but help is on the way. Guam Waterworks Authority announced Tuesday that a scheduled water outage will last from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight Wednesday, June 13th.

In a public memo issued Tuesday, GWA Trouble Dispatch Acting Supervisor Jonathan Herrero stated that Wednesday’s scheduled outage areas include Pale San Vitores Road from Westin Resort to Bank of Guam and surrounding areas. “Crews will be making repairs on a main line,” Herrero wrote.

On Tuesday Guam Waterworks Authority Director Miguel Bordallo told PNC on Tuesday that the leak repair had been slated for this coming Wednesday, but that GWA was awaiting clearances from other utilities before proceeding — and that a water outage notice would be issued once the schedule is confirmed, he said. Permanent roadway repairs will follow damage assessments on Thursday, according to Bordallo.

Bordallo had told PNC on Monday that a stream of water running downhill over a manhole cover between The Plaza Shopping Center and DFS T-Galleria on Chalan Pale San Vitores was caused when an unknown someone punctured the road.

“The repair work is scheduled for Wednesday (we are awaiting clearances from other utilities), and an outage notice will be released through our WSCC [Water Systems Control Center]/Dispatch office, once the schedule has been confirmed,” Bordallo wrote via email on Tuesday.

“Permanent roadway repairs will follow once our contractor has assessed (Thursday) and scheduled the work,” he wrote. “GWA crews were dispatched to the reported leak several days ago, and confirmed again this morning that the leak is not a wastewater leak.  It is clear that the source of the water is upgradient of the sewer manhole, and is flowing down the slope, over the manhole, and then continuing along the curb and gutter.”

On Monday, Bordallo described GWA’s assessment of the problem in writing.

“It appears that several holes were drilled into the asphalt, and one of them may have damaged an underlying service line,” he wrote.  “Waterline repair crews have scheduled and will correct the problem. GWA has not established who damaged the waterline, but there are indications of orange marking paint in the vicinity of the leak, and very close to the construction activity you describe.”

PNC had mentioned to Bordallo and other stakeholders on Monday that a construction crew was in the area near the scene of the leak. A retail property manager in the area said the contractor was on site on behalf of the government.

“The project in front of Outrigger is actually part of [a] GVB/GEDA [Guam Visitors Bureau/Guam Economic Development Authority] project for road and pedestrian safety,” Amir Alavi wrote to PNC. Alavi is General Manager of The Plaza Shopping Center connected to Outrigger Guam Resort. The dual purpose hotel-retail property fronts the stretch of punch-holed road where the water is streaming from below the asphalt’s surface.

“They are installing new signage and improving the street crossing, similar to and continuation of the Chamorro Village cross-walk project,” Alavi wrote. “GVB and GEDA have been very accommodating and share the same safety concerns, so in collaboration with their project, we have built an ADA compliant ramp and extended the landscaping planters to give more protection and separation to pedestrians from road users. Still more improvements and planters [are] to come at other sidewalks intersections.”

Here is the footer to the Guam Waterworks Authority memorandum:

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