GWA: Smoke Tests Resume MONDAY in Agat & Santa Rita


Guam – The Guam Waterworks Authority has announced that smoke tests on its sewer lines will resume Monday, June 3rd.

Smoke tests help determine the location of  line breaks and defects in the sewer system.

This latest round of tests will be on the sewer lines through Agat and Santa Rita. The testing will be from 8am through 4pm from Monday June 3rd through June 21st.

GWA’s Chief Engineer Tom Cruz emphasizes that the smoke you may see coming from the ground is non-toxic, non-staining, has no odor and creates no fire hazard.

The work is being done by GWA’s subcontractor Underground Services, Inc. (USI) along with GWA wastewater personnel.

For more information on this contact GWA’s 24/7 water line number at 646-4211 or