GWHS Student Accused of Selling Marijuana on Campus


Guam – A George Washington High School student has been arrested following an alleged drug deal on the school’s campus.
According to the Magistrate’s Complaints filed in Superior Court on Saturday, 18-year old Rudy Aguon is accused of selling $10 worth of marijuana to another student on Friday.  The complaint states that a student witnessed a 16-year old student purchasing “One stick,” of marijuana from Aguon.  According to the complaint, the student who purchased the marijuana told police that she approached the defendant with $10 and purchased the marijuana from him.

Aguon denied selling marijuana on school grounds, saying he had $238 in his possession that was earned doing yard work the complaint states. The 18-year old is charged with possession with intent to distribute a schedule I controlled substand as a 2nd degree felony and possession of schedule I controlled substance within a drug free school ground as a misdemeanor.

Most students are currently off for summer break but summer sessions are being held on a number of school campuses.