GWHS students in solidarity with nationwide movement


Guam – Students at George Washington High School gathered this morning in a show of solidarity with movements taking place across the nation in response to the most recent school shooting and the threat of gun violence.

An emotional address by a student focused on mental health issues that have been brought to attention as discussions look towards accounts of bullying in schools as an underlying issue that is concerning at all levels.

“If you see something, say something. If you see a friend or even a stranger being hurt or being bullied, you have to speak up. It starts with ourselves, not with the gun. Be a better person and make a difference in someone’s life even if it’s not your friend, I’m serious guys, it’s very important. There’s many ways we can be a generation to better our community and today is one of them, today we could change things, today we could stand up. For those of you who are going through a lot and don’t know how to cope with it and if you feel corned, please talk to somebody, it makes a difference,” said Lola Aguon, GWHS.

As you may recall, a recent Simon Sanchez High School survey was conducted, reaching out to over 1,000 registered Guam voters.

A question was asked whether or not voters believed that Guam’s teachers should carry guns in public schools. 74 percent of those surveyed responded with “yes”, while 26 percent responded with “no.”