GWHS Substitute Teacher Charged With Assault, Official Misconduct


Guam – A man hired as a substitute at George Washington High School in March of this year faces charges of assault and official misconduct involving a 17-year old student.

According to a Magistrate’s Complaint filed in Superior Court Wednesday, Ossie A. Warner is accused of pushing the student with one hand on the student’s neck and the other hand on the student’s chest.

The Declaration by Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown states that police were initially investigating an assault complaint made by Warner on June 20th at 10am regarding an incident at the high school.  According to the document Warner told police that the student had assaulted him in class and threatened to file a complaint against Warner.  Warner claims the incident occurred on April 18th, the document states.

Read the Magistrate Report HERE

A student witness told police that he saw a trashcan move next to Warner on the day of the incident and that Warner pushed the alleged victim at that time.  Another witness told officers that she saw the alleged victim throw the trashcan at Warner.  Before the incident occurred a third student witness claims that the alleged victim asked Warner why he only teaches half the class and that Warner stated “because you’re a stupid [word omitted.]”

The alleged victim told police that he threw the trashcan at Warner after a “stupidity” reference was made regarding him.  He also told officers that Warner grabbed him by the neck and held him against the wall before school aides were able to break them up.

The 2nd Quarter 2013 Department of Education Staffing Pattern lists Oswald Warner as a substitute teacher at GWHS who was hired on March 6, 2013.  Warner was not listed on the 3rd Quarter Staffing Pattern.