GYC urges youth input on American Rescue Plan spending


With the passage of the American Rescue Plan (ARP), the Guam Youth Congress is pushing for input from the youth sector on how the $604 million in ARP funding will be spent.

With the future generations in mind, Vice Speaker Al Labang and Majority Leader Vicente Blas Taijeron of the Guam Youth Congress recommend the following budget allocations:

● Upgrading the Guam Memorial Hospital with new, advanced equipment that will last for
generations to come.
● Building a new public hospital that would improve access to healthcare on Guam and
enable healthcare professionals to better serve the rapidly increasing population of our
● Providing various industries with proper financial means to diversify our local economy
and strengthen our fiscal infrastructure. This may include expanding the local aquaculture
and agriculture markets to cater to an increasingly global clientele, as well as, investing in
telecommunications that will build Guam’s reputation as a hub in Oceania & Asia.
● Enabling the Guam Visitors Bureau to make necessary repairs to the Matapang Beach
Park and assist in rebuilding the tourism industry through an allocation of $38 million
● Investing in an unemployment insurance program that would help both public and private
sector employees whose employment is affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

● Empowering small businesses through an allocation of $30 million dollars to the Guam
Economic Development Authority in order to ensure their stable recovery and continued
● Improving public transportation in order to allow citizens of Guam to travel through the
island in a safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious manner.

GYC believes that each of these investments will inherently improve the lives of I Manhoben Guåhan and allow them to live and prosper in a community that is safe, accommodating, and conscious of the unique and everyday struggles one may face.

As the elected voices of the island’s youth, the GYC shares and echo the sentiments of former Speaker Javan W. Santos and we respectfully ask that our input and perspectives be taken into account.

“We are the future of this land, and we recognize that the decisions made today will impact the lives of not only our future descendants but us here and now. Therefore, the Guam Youth Congress remains committed to serving the island’s youth and amplifying their voices, concerns, and aspirations,” GYC stated.

(GYC Release)