Gym trainer arrested for Sunday’s fatal stabbing; suspect and victim trained together

Akmal Khozhiev (DOC photo)

Gym trainer Akmal Khozhiev has been arrested for Sunday’s fatal stabbing incident at the Poinciana Apartments in Tamuning.

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According to Major Antone Aguon of the Department of Corrections, Khozhiev is being held on suspicion of aggravated murder, 3 counts of aggravated assault as a 2nd-degree felony, use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, strangulation, felonious restraint, 2 counts of assault, and 2 counts of family violence in connection with Sunday’s deadly stabbing incident.

According to Guam Police Department acting PIO Lieutenant Michael Aguon, when officers arrived on the scene, they found a lifeless male individual.

The victim was identified to be Dr. Miran Ribati, a radiologist at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Khozhiev, along with the victim, both attended the same gym, Steel Athletics Guam.

According to Steel Athletics Owner JJ and Francesca Ambros, Khozhiev was a trainer at the gym until he was terminated three months ago, due to threats to staff and customers

Although the incident was identified as a stabbing, within DOC’s daily confinement listing document, the word gun was used. However, as of newstime, there is no confirmation on whether a firearm was used during the incident.

In the viral video that circulated among group chats, Khozhiev had what looked to be blood on his hands during his arrest.