H.A.F. Program Pre-Applications End On Friday


The US Treasury has approved Guam’s full plan for the Homeowners Assistant Fund Program and has given the full allotment of 13.5 million.

For clarification, the HAF program launched on January 31st.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

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The Homeowners Assistance Fund Program provides relief to homeowners at-risk and has experienced financial challenges or other difficulties people have gone through because of the pandemic of up to 15 thousand dollars to help with a mortgage, utilities, and property.

Since the program launched back on Jan 1st, they have received 800 applications.

Pre-applications for the program will be accepted until tomorrow at 5 pm.

According to the Department of Administration, the HAF office has received 800 applications and reviewed 450 applications, of which 410 are determined to qualify as pre-eligible applicants.

In a meeting earlier this morning with the Interagency on Homelessness and OHAPP, Audrey Topasna, The director of the HAF program had this to say about the applications received.

According to Audrey Topasna, they have already met with mortgage lenders but have yet to contact credit unions.

If an applicant provides a bank that is yet to be associated with HAF, then they will contact the bank to get proper documentation.

Applicants who may deem as ineligible for the program will be given another opportunity to provide subsequent information that could change their eligibility status.

Applicants can expect to receive notification of their pre-eligibility status within 5 to 7 days of submission. Applicants who have been determined to be qualified as pre-eligible are requested to submit their full application with supporting documentation beginning next week.

For more information, contact the Guam HAF Program at 671-638-3814/5, or email them at HAF@doa.guam.gov

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