H.R. 1365 on the House agenda for possible consideration this week


Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas’ war claims correction bill has been placed on the agenda of the U.S. House of Representatives for possible consideration this week.

H.R. 1365 may be acted on as soon as Monday in Washington D.C.

The measure first cleared the House last June by unanimous consent.  It then went onto the Senate where it languished for months, delayed in part by the Trump impeachment trial.


It finally passed in the U.S. Senate on February 12 by unanimous consent as well.

However, because the Senate added a minor technical amendment, H.R. 1365 had to go back to the House again for approval of the amended version of the bill.

Congressman San Nicolas had hoped it would come to the floor when Congress reconvened on February 25.   However, it’s taken another two weeks to come up again for consideration.

San Nicolas had to introduce H.R. 1365 in January 2019 in order to correct what former delegate Madeleine Bordallo and her staff left out of her World War Two Loyalty Recognition Act.

The correction, finally, will authorize the U.S. Treasury Department to actually issue checks to the adjudicated war claims already awarded to the island’s manåmko using Guam’s own section 30 funds, $23 million of which is now being held by the U.S. treasury department for claim payments.