H1N1 Pandemic Ends


Guam – The H1N1 pandemic is officially over.

H1N1 or the swine flu pandemic was officially declared as over by acting governor Mike Cruz, representatives from the Department of Public Health and Social Services, and the Centers for Disease Control. H1N1 is still in the world but most people are now immune to the virus, nevertheless it is expected to break out periodically in certain pockets. “Approximately 16 months ago or so we asked all of you to join us to announce that the H1N1 case on Guam was confirmed and we are now 16 months out and in line with W. H. O. and N.H.H.S. we are at the end of the H1N1 pandemic.”

The vaccines will still be available up until December. The H1N1 strain will also become part of the seasonal flu vaccine.