H2B holdup to blame for lack of bidders on multimillion dollar GMH project


There were no bidders for the construction of the GMH labor & Maternity ward as well as a 30 million dollar MILCON project. Governor Calvo attributes this to the labor shortage caused by the H2-B Visa ban.

Guam – No contractors bid on two multi-million-dollar projects. One was for GMH’s labor and maternity ward the other was for military construction.

Governor Eddie Calvo made the announcement today(Weds) during a speech before the Guam Contractors Association. The Governor believes no one bid on the projects because of Guam’s labor shortage due to the H2-B visa ban. The Governor says in addition to the GMH project no one bid on 30 million-dollar MILCON project.

“We just got news that our GMH labor and delivery project, a multi-million-dollar project, didn’t get any bids. I hope you guys were aware of this because they were supposed to advertise it. [It] Didn’t get any bids. This is not $1 million bucks. This is multi-million dollars,” said Governor Calvo.

The Governor says he will have to put the project out to bid again but in the meantime he will call the Homeland Security Chief to let her know how dire the construction labor shortage is on Guam.