HAF Program applications to go live on Monday


Guam homeowners will be able to apply for the Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF) program starting Monday, January 31st. “Guam was awarded, last week Tuesday, $13.5 million to administer and implement the program on Guam,” said Audrey Topasña, Program Director for the HAF Program.

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The program will award homeowners who suffered disruption from the pandemic up to $15,000, which according to Topasña, is the total value of combined funding for three areas: mortgage relief, utility, and property taxes. Each area has its own set of funding.

Currently, there are no moratoria for the bank to close down homes because of disruption from the pandemic. Accordingly, the HAF program aims to restore some level of stability for homeowners that have been struggling during the pandemic.

“The purpose of this program is to prevent mortgage delinquencies, utility delinquencies, to help homeowners who were affected by the pandemic, whether it be through mortgage loan, utility, property tax, and so forth.”


According to Topasña, three criteria must be met to qualify:

  • an applicant must be a Guam homeowner and that home must be their primary residence;
  • an applicant must make below a certain income threshold, adjusted to the number of household members; and
  • an applicant must show they have been affected by the pandemic.

“I feel that everyone was affected by COVID one way or another,” Topasña said. “This particular criterion, there’s a lot of flexibility, and we should be able to help homeowners qualify, at least for that particular criterion.”

To apply for the program, Topasña encourages Guam homeowners to apply online at doa.guam.gov. Another way to apply online is download the PDF application, fill it out, and submit to haf@doa.guam.gov.

For those who prefer in-person applications, Topasña encourages applicants stop by their office at the 2nd floor at the ITC.


Below is a copy of the original press release:

NEWS_ Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration Launches the Guam Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) Program