Hafa Adai Fridays Fashion Show To Further Promote Chamorro Culture


Guam- How can local businesses and residents further promote the Chamorro culture? That’s a question the Guam Visitor’s Bureau (GVB) wants to answer tomorrow, August 28.

GVB Deputy General Manager Ernie Galito says they are partnering with Macy’s and iConnect for the Hafa Adai Fridays Fashion Show tomorrow at the Micronesia Mall center court. He says the goal of Hafa Adai Fridays is more on the spirit and attitude of the island. Galito adds they want to encourage everyone on Guam to greet each other in the Chamorro language, play Chamorro music , eat Chamorro food and wear attire that represents the Chamorro culture.

“We are going to start if off with our ensemble review- the fashion show” said Galito. “We want to explain to all the consumers there is that in order to participate in the Guam brand, it can be something as simple as wearing a flower in your hair if you’re a lady or you can wear Chamorro jewelry if you are a man.”

The event starts at noon at the mall’s center court. The Hafa Adai Fridays concept was developed by former Governor Ricky Bordallo, who wanted to inspire residents to integrate local designs, colors and accessories into what they wear each week.