VIDEO: Half of DOE’s Principals Reassigned to Other Schools


Guam – Half of the island’s schools will have a new principal in the 2013/2014 school year following reassignments announced by Superintendent Jon Fernandez Tuesday.

“I am confident in the school leaders that will be in place at each of our schools this coming school year,” Fernandez in a news release on the reassignments.

“Instead of pulling names out of a hat to make assignments, I took time to reflect on my visits to schools and my conversations with administrators, teachers, parents and students before making any decision about the teams to help each school move forward. I want to make sure that every school is positioned to succeed next year.”

View The Principal Assignments HERE

Factors used to determine assignments include administrator experience, the number of years an administrator has spent at a particular site, administrator strengths and weaknesses, teacher and parent feedback, school improvement progress and school challenges. The re-assignments don’t come as a surprise as Fernandez says administrators were informed that re-assignments were a possibility, especially for those with five or more years at their school.

Read the News Release Announcing the Changes HERE

The Superintendent acknowledges that the adjustment will be difficult but says in the news release that “Change is hard, but change can be good if it helps us refocus our energies…”

Prior to releasing the assignments Fernandez met one-on-one with the affected principals and assistant principals to explain the process, discuss GDOE priorities, and answer questions.  Giving the assignments prior to the close of the 2012/2013 school year will allow the administrators who are transferring to have six weeks to close out their work at the current school and another six weeks to transition to their new school.