Happy Wish Day! As Make-A-Wish GUAM & CNMI grant another wish.


Happy Wish Day! As Make-A-Wish GUAM & CNMI grant another wish.

This time it was for little Avan, a 6-year-old kid who wished for electronics.

The granting ceremony was held at Mcdonald’s in Tamuning, where Avan was able to enjoy his favorite food- chicken nuggets, together with his family.

There, he received a PS5, a 60inch” TV and an iPhone 13 — Aven and his family are also getting the chance to enjoy a staycation at the Pacific Island Club, where they will visit the Circus to celebrate his 6th birthday.

Granting Avan’s wish was a community effort, as the foundation reached out to the Guam Fire Department and GTA, among others, to be able to make the experience even more memorable.

Eric Tydingco, the Make-A-Wish president/CEO, spoke with PNC about the motive behind granting a wish.

He said, “One thing that we want the child and the family to go away with is this memorable experience, and we know that every day they’re dealing with a critical illness and it can’t be fun as a kid to have to do medical treatments all the time. And so we at least want them to have, you know, some time to be a kid and we feel that this is the best way that they can remember and give them hope and hopefully overcome their illness.”

Reporting for the Pacific News Centre,
I’m Kyomara Santana

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