Harbor Centere Protests Port Management Contract; Questions Surround The Protester


Guam – Harbor Centre Guam  has filed a procurement appeal with the Guam Office of Public Accountability [OPA] over a Performance Management Contract at the Port of Guam.

The contract is for the management of cargo terminal operations and the maintenance of cargo handling equipment. The highest rated bidder for the contract,  that has yet to be awarded,  was APM Terminals.

OPA Procurement Appeals Analyst, Anne Camacho, says Harbor Centre’s appeal could take some weeks, if not months to resolve.

Harbor Centre’s appeal alleges, among other things,  that:

Read Harbor Centre’s notice of appeal

*the Port did not follow the RFP process

*the Port did not allow for the observation by the General Services Agency’s Chief Procurement Officer of the entire RFP procurement process.

* the Port failed to perform “the evaluation process in determining and designation of the ‘Highest Rated Offer'”

The protest was filed with the OPA after the Port Authority of Guam rejected the Harbor Centre’s initial protest to them.

The Port of Guam has raised suspicions about Harbor Centre’s appeal.

Earlier this month, Port General Manager Rick Agustin requested an investigation from the Guam Attorney General stating that he is “concerned that information about the RFP process has been inappropriately released to the protester.”

Agustin’s letter suggests that Harbor Centre was somehow able to get a hold of inside  “information and about the RFP process that normally would not be available except to government of Guam employees or legal counsel who were directly involved in the procurement process.” 

Read the Port’s Request to the AG for an investigation

Which raises the question of whether or not someone who works for GovGuam leaked information to Harbor Centre.

Harbor Centre Guam is a branch of Harbor Centre Port Terminal Inc [HCPTI] based in the Philippines and controlled by Reghis Romero II.

HCPTI is embroiled a a number of controversies over its management of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone

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And allegations of corruption surrounding the old Smokey Mountain dump in Manila.

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