Hay Study Pay Changes Take Effect


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho today announced that he is moving forward with the implementation of pay adjustments for Government Positions as recommended in the Hay Study.

A release from the Governor’s office this afternoon stated that Camacho ordered all cabinet members as well as the Department of Administration to begin the implementation of the program immediately.

The action follows an opinion from the Attorney General taht affirms the recamendations of the study to be consisten with law.  Pay adjustments will be retroactive to October 1, 2010 and will affect more than 5,000 classified government employees.

The employees will be transitioned into the new pay structures as recommended by Hay Group Inc.  These transitions may result in a pay increase for some employees while others will remain at status quo.

While the adjustments only apply to classified employees, Governor Camacho did submit Bill 469-30 to the legislature that if passed will include unclassified employees into the new pay structure.  The legislature has yet to act on the bill.