Healing Hearts doctor testifies in Tuck rape trial


Dr. William Weare, from Healing Hearts, testified at the Jon Tuck rape trial Wednesday.

He was the doctor who saw and examined Tuck’s alleged rape victim after she called the Guam Police Department.

“She reported being assaulted physically and reported digital penetration in her private area,” Weare said.

He added that she also reported feeling pain.

In court, Dr. Weare said he provided the following services, a complete exam, collected forensic sustenance, pelvic exam, treated the alleged victim presumably for STDs, gave advice on how to proceed with the report, and gave her social site and contact information for Healing Hearts.

He also took samples from her private parts, mouth, and cervix

When asked by Tuck’s attorney, F. Randall Cunliffe, about whether or not she recalled whether or not a condom was used, Weare responded that according to her history information, she was heavily intoxicated at that point and couldn’t recall if a condom was used or not.

He also put in his report of no physical findings, meaning no bleeding and tearing in her private parts.

However, he adds they were findings but they are not diagnostic.

Tuck, who is a former UFC fighter, is on trial for the rape of a then 21-year-old woman on March 4, 2020.